Shigemi Manila Concert Reaching Out 2006

The concert of Shigemi is very timely, considering that 2006 is declared a special year for Philippine-Japan relationship and that October is the Breast Cancer Month.

The BCSMI, for the past year, is very active in presenting free public lectures to raise breast cancer awareness and in giving psycho-social and partial financial support to women with breast cancer. The main message they send across is that prevention is the best option and that the patient’s right of choice of treatment should be upheld. Charging nothing from its members and the public it serves, it serves the public through personal resources of its leaders and personal donations from friends and supporters. Other activities it performs are visitation of the sick, grant of television and radio interviews and attendance to health-related advocacy activities. Indeed, the BCSMI plays a very vital role in the Philippines, which has the highest incidence of breast cancer in Asia.

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Interested to help?


 The BCSMI welcomes your help, in cash or in kind, to support its various projects such as free public lectures, gathering of women with breast cancer, visitation of the sick and the building of a hospice for dying women.

You may send your donations to BCSMI Peso Account:

Account Name: Breast Cancer Society of Manila, Inc.
S/A # 0299-03107-1
Equitable-PCI Bank (Katipunan Branch)
Add: No. 134 Katipunan Ave., St. Ignatius Village, QC

For particulars on how to become part of BCSMI, please contact:

(Secretary) Dr. Elvira Galang
Mobile +81 (0) 8031526613

(President) Eder Austrial
Mobile 63 (0) 9178229790

(Vice-President) Celia Nuguidula
Tel 632 9116234

Address: 46 Kingsville St., Whiteplains, Quezon City, Philippines

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The Officers of BCSMI

Ederlinda  J. Austrial

President, BCSMI

“We encourage our fellow breast cancer fighters to search for information as much as they can through library research, attending seminars, connecting with other women, joining support groups and other ways and not only depend everything on their physicians who are usually males and not sensitive to women’s needs When we conduct free public lecture-forums, we invite volunteer doctors to lecture on breast cancer from the medical point of view. Treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation. And medical procedures are surely taken up by such resource person. Then, we, who have gone through alternative therapies which the Philippine Breast Cancer mentors, Danny and Rosa Meneses, taught us, would share other ways which we think are effective and safer. We even would find time to demonstrate our procedures such as preparation of vegetable juice and enema as cleansing processes. In our group, there are those who are going through the conventional therapies, and there are those who are doing the alternative approaches and those who are combining them. We respect the patient’s right of choice of treatment."

Cecilia M. Niguidula

Vice President, BCSMI

"I have not been diagnosed with breast cancer, not yet, as my colleagues tease me. But I have taken this task of working for the Breast Cancer Society to my heart and pursue it with passion, as strong as my afflicted colleagues. Being a friend of a breast cancer fighter myself, and a relative of an aunt who lost her battle to breast cancer, I realized the hardship that the afflicted woman experience. I committed myself to do as much as I can and utilize my networking skills to help them. It is a great learning experience to join lectures and medical missions of this support group. It is a good feeling that I am able to reach out and touch lives, through my own humble ways. And I’m sure that this is the feeling of other concerned volunteers in the organization."

Elvira P. Galang

JSPS Fellow, Secretary of BCSMI

“Six years ago, when I found out that I had breast cancer and was sick, contrary to my perception that I was very healthy and strong, I was devastated and in silence, asked “Why me and what have I done to deserve this?” When I regained my senses, I came to realize that this has some deeper meaning in my life and I slowly got stronger to face the problem head on. Like my colleagues, our faith in God and the love and support we receive from our families and friends have given us strength to go on this difficult journey. Connecting with people of the same plight and difficult circumstances is very empowering. Also, gaining information easily from the internet and other resources encourage us to make informed decisions. Information and communication technologies and the world wide web have become very valuable in giving survivors access to reliable knowledge, discussion groups, bulleting boards and chat rooms that help them exhange ideas, experiences and knowledge with their peers. Knowledge is power, as the saying goes.”

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Theme Song of BCSMI

The Journey of a Breast Cancer Fighter
Lyrics: Elvira P. Galang / Music: Shigemi Yoshioka

Sleepless nights, deep dark fears, guilt and blame
Confusions, these are what I go through
As I confront my affliction and I asked God
Why me and what have I done to deserve this?

But then, gradually I came to realize
the meaning behind this suffering.
Life's challenges we must confront
With fortitude and strong faith.


Hold my hands and let me know
I'm not alone in this journey
I might be tired and weary
But not discouraged with you by my side,

It's hope, not pain and fear
That I feel with this strength I discovered
The path, though dim and uncertain
Will lead to a redeeming journey.

When I embrace grieving sister
As I feel the depth of her suffering
I realized that reaching out to a fellow afflicted
Ease one's burden and pains..

Win or lose, it doesn't really matter
It's how one celebrates life's blessing,
When one's life is spent caring for others,
Then death is just another journey and not an end.

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Souvenir Programme – Shigemi Concert


Thanks to the sponsors of our Souvenir Programme:

Akebonokai, Seiwa, Bangkok Restaurant, JAS Enterprises, KMC, WINS, Dr. Melvyn Garcia, Metrobank, Philippine National Bank, Land Bank, Silangan, Philippine Assistance Group, El Shaddai

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Financial Report – Shigemi Concert last Feb 4


(All figures in Japanese yen)
Prepared by: Elvira P. Galang (February 11, 2006) , Organizer of the Concert
Preparation Stage:
Foods for meetings/practice/parking fees/transpo fee – 67,322
Printing of posters, tickets, mailing, envelopes – 15,500
Bouquet of flowers for performers – 5.000
Printing/shipping of souvenir programs
Mailing of pieces, tapes/honorarium/telephone/Fedex/EMS – 56,000

On the day of the Concert:
Taxi/foods/Mcdonald snack – 13,700
Rent of Tokyo Women’s Plaza – 72,800
Honorarium for Cellist – 20,000
Small token for Jana Lopez – 20,000
Total – 270,322

Funds Received:
Sale of tickets before the concert – 170,000
Donation Box – 90,400
Ticket collections for the day – 131,300

Akebonokai – 10,000
Bangkok Restaurant – 10,000
JAS – 10,000
KMC – 20,000
WINS – 40,000
Dr. Melvin Garcia – 10,000

BALANCE: 220,848

*Remitted to BCSMI Bank Account

Equitable PCI Bank (Katipunan) #0299-03107-1

LANDBANK – 10,000
Silangan – 20,000
Philippine Assistance Group – 20,000

Collectibles may remit payment through Furikomi, Account of Elvira P. Galang,
Account No. 3747129, Saitama Resona Ginko, Arashiyama shuchiyoujo,
Ranzan, Futso yokin, Sub branch No. 354

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N– Nutrition-Eat grains, vegetable, legumes and beans, fruits, nuts and seasoning herbs in proper quantity
– On getting up, take 2 to 3 glasses of water, eat good breakfast
– Avoid refined sugar, white bread, and other processed foods
– Food should be high in fiver, low on fat and high in carbohydrates
– No more than 3 meals a day, eat with small bites, slowly, chew well
– Eat vegetable first, eat while seated and not while cooking

E-Exercise- to strengthen the heart, increase blood flow to the brain, have better circulation, have stronger muscles, burn calories, make us sleep well, increase bowel movement
-Brisk walking is best exercise 20 to 40 minutes a day, 3 to 4 times a week at least
-do some practical ways such as parking car at a distance away and take a brisk walk to work, climb or go down stairs,

W-Water-Water dilutes our blood, invigorates our blood circulation and prevents blood clotting, take at least 8 glasses of water daily
-Don’t drink water with meals, as the water gets absorbed first in
the digestive system and the food later. Water should be drunk at least half an hour before or after the meal.

S-Sunshine- The ultraviolet rays of the sun can convert cholesterol in our skin into Vitamin D. Best time to expose oneself to the sun is around mid-morning and for about 10 to 15 minutes.; don’t overexpose skin to sunlight as overexposure may cause skin cancer.

T-Temperance-Moderation is the keyword, and overindulgence is the opposite. Avoid overdoing anything, whether it be in working, eating or drinking.

A– Air- -practice deep breathing which result to more ingestion of oxygen
-stay in outdoor as often as one can.

R-Rest- Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
Don’t overwork, find time to manage stress, relax and enjoy.

T-Trust in God. Have personal devotional time and prayers for communication and trust in Him, If we have faith, love and trust in God, and love and help ourselves and our neighbors, the Lord God will help us.    




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